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ballasting翻译成汉语 aerophotogeodesy翻译成汉语 appeared翻译成汉语 We are aiming for guidelines, not cut-and-dried answers.翻译成汉语 He had always wanted an adventurous life in the tropics.翻译成汉语 For him who understands how to decipher them, armorial bearings are algebra, armorial bearings have a tongue.翻译成汉语 You can make an arbitrary choice.翻译成汉语 Mass media often dissembled the true scale of help from ARA .翻译成汉语 He was aiming the rifle at Wade.翻译成汉语 The war has bled the once-strong Armenian economy dry.翻译成汉语 In 1969, U . S Defense Department setup a computer network named ARPANET for the military purpose.翻译成汉语 archegoniophore翻译成汉语 UK employment law embodies arbitration and conciliation mechanisms for settling industrial disputes.翻译成汉语 Turn the key anticlockwise .翻译成汉语 arcanite翻译成汉语 Sean O‘Leary has been named in the England squad to tour Argentina .翻译成汉语 A figure in a blue dress appeared in the doorway.翻译成汉语 AR翻译成汉语 arachnoid翻译成汉语 arbitrate翻译成汉语 area翻译成汉语 It has an agreeable aromatic smell.翻译成汉语 archegonia翻译成汉语 Don‘t let the dogs bark .翻译成汉语 arachnidan翻译成汉语 arbitration翻译成汉语 When you are sitting, keep your elbow on the arm rest.翻译成汉语 Examples include burdock ( Arctium ) and cocklebur ( Xanthium ) .翻译成汉语 arachnid翻译成汉语 A vacancy has arisen which I intend to fill.翻译成汉语

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